Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Nail Polish Out. It's a thing you know.

Couldn't you just die???

After reading the most hilarious post by Lani, I got to thinking about my own addictions. It didn't take long to identify one. Nail polish. I love the stuff. Fervently. To the point where it's almost not funny. Almost. A little bit of amusement still remains. But only a little.

My love affair with nail polish began a little after I'd left school, when it was still a bit tacky to wear. The early noughties were very much about the conservative nude nails and lips (boring! Soo glad we're over that) but I found myself having fun with $2 Shop colours and having people comment on them. 
Then the nail polish craze hit. And boy oh boy is it as big as ever today. And I love it. I love how fanatic the world has become about nail polish! I love that my obsession is justified and even common!


This still doesn't excuse it. I know how unhealthy, expensive and just plain silly this has become. So... a solution!

A favourite Youtube beauty vlogger did something called a Nail Polish Out last year, a project whereby she only allowed herself to buy 5 (which turned out to be 10 but oh well) polish purchases for the year of 2011. This would be much more practical and doable than just going cold turkey. So I thought I'd steal the idea! I'm going to try to go for 8 polishes at the most, which means that each nail polish purchase would be much more thought out and special.

Wish me luck? 


jandal said...

you brave woman you :) all the polish i see are so very yummy that i cant help myself lol good luck with your challenge though!

Lani Wendt Young said...

At least nail polish doesnt make you fat. Or your teeth fall out. *sigh* But hey, its been 72 hrs since my last going strong...

lilidonna said...

@jandal: Is it bad that I'm already planning my 8 polishes? Not a good sign, I know.

@Lani: Wow really? No way! Good for you! You can do it. We can do it! ... This is stressful... I'm off to paint my nails.

FlirtingwithFashion said...

good luck, dear :)
I'm obsessed with shoes -.- it's so annoying sometimes. I love them but everyone says that I should stop to buy so many xD I know how you feel :) but yeah you're right... we're living in a time, where it is "normal" now :D
I think your blog is great and I started to follow you! I can't wait to read more :) maybe you'll have a look on my blog also, dear :))


lilidonna said...

@FlirtingwithFashion oh shoes are a whole other thing! Too many yummy things in the world! lol Just had a quick flick through your blog, loving your style and definitely following now :) Keep them outfit posts coming! xx